Taxable Income of U.S. Citizens /Resident Aliens; Reportable to the IRS

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Persons filing a U.S. income tax return as a resident of the USA or as a U.S. citizen are required to report (i.e.declare) their worldwide income to the Internal Revenue Service. This includes in-come from sources in the U.S. and also income from sources in all Asian and African countries.

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Tax Status of Foreigners Emigrating to the USA

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All foreigners who emigrate to the USA and take up residence there, are taxed under the normal rules applicable to all U.S. citizens and resident aliens. Income is taxed at progressive rates. The income tax rate is based on the individual’s total gross taxable income less adjustments, less standard or itemized deductions, less personal exemption(s), and less credits.

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Filing Status for U.S. citizens with Foreign Citizen Spouses

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U.S. citizens married to foreigners (commonly referred to as non-resident aliens in tax terminology) generally file their U.S. income tax return using the filing status of “married filing separately”. When filing separately, the individual reports only his/her own personal income, credits and deductions, and only he/she signs the tax return.

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