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France is America’s oldest ally. France and the United States have been linked for more than two centuries by diplomatic and military alliances and a rich complex of cultural, intellectual and economic ties. The seminal ideas of the Eighteenth-Century “philosophes” profoundly influenced America’s Founding Fathers, and the American victory in the Revolutionary War would have been inconceivable without French participation, as would have been the liberation of France without the American troops who stormed the Normandy beaches in 1944. At present our relationship with France enjoys the glow of growing commercial, political, and cultural interchanges. These have been strengthened by this year’s G7 conference in Lyon. With 92 billion francs invested here, the United States is France’s second most important source of investment (after Germany). The U.S. is also the largest destination for French investment, with 24 billion dollars invested in our economy. Each year roughly 2 million Americans come to France as tourists, and America still tops the polls of places French people want to visit.

Our Mission:

To Pursue Mutual Interests

Our mutual interests with France include transatlantic security and prosperity, scientific and technological advancement, environmental and health improvements, global and security trade and the spread of democratic values and human rights.
The United States and France cooperate for scientific and technical advancement. Key areas include nuclear power and nuclear non-proliferation, joint and international space and satellite programs, health and medical programs such as AIDS research and biotechnology and joint research into global climate change and fisheries conservation.

To Provide Essential Services

We provide information, analysis and recommendations for U.S. policy makers. We support U.S. businesses, provide consular assistance to U.S. citizens, facilitate scientific and academic exchanges and liaison with French leaders. We tell America’s story!
There are three consular districts in France headquartered in Paris, Strasbourg and Marseille.